Dear Reefsteamers and Friends of Steam,

After a rather busy week for me, our Class 15F No.2914 Donations drive is now finally open.

15F No.2914 has her very own public Facebook page now at

…and she had an email address

You are welcome to join in on the Facebook page and add comments & photographs of your own.  But please remember that the 2914 Facebook page is primarily for our sponsors and donors to be able to keep up with our progress, rather than just chatting about all things steamy.  To keep the workshop and project information accessible, material that is not relevant will be deleted. 

You can also access the 15F 2914 web page from our website’s homepage

I DO realize that not everyone has access to Facebook.  However, it is the most efficient way for me to reach the maximum amount of people in the limited time that I have and still have time to do other Reefsteamers stuff.  However, I will try to do traditional photo-based reports on 15F 2914 if I can get the time AND the photos.  Our Webmaster, Philipp Maurer, will also copy material from the Facebook site to the main website.

It has been calculated that if 200 people donate just R250 each, we will cover the repair and re-certification expenses with money to spare.

Every little bit will help.  We have enough people just in our membership and Facebook communities alone – not counting the web site traffic, the email lists and Steam in Action.  There is no reason why we cannot afford to get this unique steam-machine in running order again. But everyone needs to consider their part.  We can’t all be the ‘cool’ workshop people whacking rivets and looking photogenic with flaring acetylene torches – but we CAN ALL contribute towards getting No.2914 ‘Spikkels’ back on the high irons again.

All the necessary payment and repair details are included in the attached brochure.


Lee Gates